Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG)

This Act regulates the protection of natural persons who have obtained information about infringements in connection with their professional activity or in the run-up to a professional activity and who report or disclose it to the reporting offices provided for by this Act.

A trusting working environment is very important to us. Violations can harm us, our employees, our customers and business partners. Therefore, the reporting channels listed below are available to you in order to report information about possible violations of laws, internal guidelines or other grievances in the workplace confidentially and securely. You can do this anonymously or by providing your identity, depending on your preference. You will remain protected in any case. It is not possible to trace them back to you if you do not provide any personal data.

Reporting channels

E-Mail: meldestelle@jokiel.de
Phone: 09621/6777-21

JOKIEL GmbH | Central station
August – Borsig – Str. 6
92224 Amberg

The internal reporting office will confirm receipt of the report to the whistleblower within 7 days and inform them of the current state of affairs after 3 months at the latest. In order to carry out a more accurate assessment, it may be necessary to contact you.

External Reporting Office

As a whistleblower, you have the right to choose between submitting a report to an internal or external reporting office. If you prefer the external reporting office, please contact the Federal Reporting Office.