Consulting and Planning

With our comprehensive competence in the entire switchgear construction and EMSR sector, we always have a solution for the tasks you set us.

Based on many years of experience, we guarantee a smooth project flow, in which we ensure cooperation and customer proximity.

Project planning and execution

JOKIEL GmbH – the precision movement stands for switching, control and regulation in perfection. Every step that brings your building technology closer to the optimum is a step towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

With targeted measures, we ensure that the required performance is maintained and increased in the long term.


We are always well prepared for every requirement: Whether for EMSR building services engineering, special mechanical engineering with special solutions or in the field of series production – we are the ideal partner for every type of execution and work at the highest level!

Highest quality in all interfaces

For maximum success

The JOKIEL quality is based on the highest performance in all departments. Combined with our own high depth of added value and our broad product portfolio, we are self-sufficient in third-party solutions and competencies. This enables us to ensure quality standards and adherence to delivery dates at all times.

In addition, this way we can guarantee the service of your plant during its entire service life.

Consulting and Planning


Project planning and execution




Certified Siemens Partner

As one of the few switch cabinet manufacturers in Bavaria, we are a Siemens partner authorized to build ALPHA 3200 low-voltage power distribution boards. We are the right partner for you from the enquiry to the planning, construction and completion up to the plant documentation. The ALPHA 3200 power distributors are the basis for modern power distribution and are necessary wherever electrical energy is required.

  • Designed to meet the requirements of modern power distribution in building infrastructure up to 3,200 A / 1000V

  • Coordinated overall system with housing and communication-capable components
  • High safety for man and machine according to IEC 61439
  • Increased planning reliability and time savings through software-supported project planning

Quality means future!


  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • Energy distributor ALPHA 3200 certificate
  • Energy distributor ALPHA 3200 eco certificate

  • Environmental Pact of Bavaria

    • Zertifikat: Zertifizierter Siemens-Partner: ALPHA 3200

IT equipment

  • EPLAN Version 5.40 to P8
  • PRO panel

  • WAGO I/O-Check
  • Siemens Step 7
  • Siemens Step 7 – Profibus
  • Siemens LOGO!-Soft
  • Siemens DESIGO TX

VDE Measuring method

  • DIN EN 61439-1 = VDE 0660-600-1
  • DIN EN 61439-2 = VDE 0660-600-2
  • DIN EN 60204-1 = VDE 0113 Part 1
  • DIN VDE 0100 = VDE 0100 Part 410/540
  • DIN VDE 0105 = VDE 0105
  • DIN 57106-100 = VDE 0106 part 100
  • DIN VDE 0116 = VDE 0116
  • DIN EN 50178 = VDE 0160
  • DIN EN 61000-2 = VDE 0839 part 2
  • DIN EN 60079-14 = VDE 0165 Part 1
  • DIN EN 61643-11 = VDE 0845-3-1
  • DGUV regulation 3

Full Service Provider

CNC sheet metal processing Perforex

Our automatic drilling center for mounting plates and switch cabinet housings. At JOKIEL GmbH, mounting plates, control cabinet doors and housings are drilled and milled fully automatically on a CNC-controlled drilling centre. This enables us to carry out our metalworking flexibly and with very high quality.

Perforex is a machining centre for drilling, threading and milling switch cabinet panels, doors and housings! The four axes CNC control 2 1/2 D interpolates, controlled via industrial PC guarantees this quality claim.

Triathlon wire harnessing

Wiring cables are automatically created from the circuit diagrams and assembly drawings, cut to length on a fully automatic machine (triathlon), provided with wire end sleeves and printed with the wire marking according to VDE guideline DIN EN 60204 / VDE 0113. This enables us to achieve very high quality and reliability in switch cabinet production.

Ink-Jet Label Printer

We rely on an industrial ink printing system from the “Murrplastik Systemtechnik”. This enables us to apply pin sharp lettering (720 dpi) on various identification plates for our own as well as for third-party productions. A wide variety of sign types are used on the base plate, which can also be mixed if required. The pictor2 ink used for printing ensures robust, fast-drying and durable lettering.

Within a few minutes we produce the complete daily requirement of identification plates of the highest quality.